Located in Mt. Lookout Square in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wurst Bar pays homage to two traditional German Cincinnati favorites: beer and sausage.

Let's be honest, the sausage has had a reputation in recent decades, and it hasn’t always been good. Lucky for everyone who steps foot into Wurst Bar, sausage met us. And for the sake of Cincinnatians, and all humanity, we gave the sausage an upscale and modern bar-food facelift. It is no longer just an odd-shaped, over-cooked piece of meat on a bun that is merely eaten as a reaction to dire hunger while tailgating for a losing team – it is a culinary masterpiece to be respected and enjoyed, and deserving of good company and good teams.

Beer, on the other hand, has never suffered a damaging reputation and other than offering the friendly service and providing the intimately cool environment in which to enjoy it, we have done nothing to it.

Here’s when you can stop by and see us:

Daily: 11:30 am– 2:00 am (Kitchen closes at 10pm Sunday thru Thursday, 2am weekends)